Harrison Trachman


Harrison Trachman | Realtor

Harrison Trachman

Realtor | 310.386.4063 | DRE# 02088162
HARRISON TRACHMAN is an aggressive young talent with a family background in real estate. He started out learning from his father’s successful commercial development career at Trachman Indevco. He later trained under a top residential producer at Berkshire Hathaway. Says Harrison, “growing up with a developer for a father and an interior designer for a mother, I acquired a unique appreciation for the architectural design aspects of real estate. I found the evolution of residential architecture to be fascinating.”

Harrison is an LA native. He was hand selected by Jeff Yarbrough after being recognized for his outstanding work ethic and relentless dedication to the satisfaction of his clientele. Harrison has been described as “dangerously talented” with a hybrid skillset between the development and general service sectors of residential real estate.

Harrison puts great value on sentimentality. He lives in Cheviot Hills in the home his father grew up in, still in its original updated condition. He understands the emotions behind the sale of a home; yet, his favorite quotes are “one chapter must end for another to begin” and “you’ll miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”.

“It’s about helping people start their new lives and to create new memories” Harrison says, “I can’t think of better way to touch someone’s life, than that.”



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